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Sirin Farm Kurobuta

Sirin Farm pigs are raised naturally with our special formula of homegrown fermented animal feed. Our pigs are raised humanely, sustainably and healthily. We don’t use antibiotics, growth hormones or even vaccines, so Sirin Farm pork is in many ways beyond organic. Currently, we are raising the standard white pigs ( Landrace, Large White, Duroc crosses), and we are proud to be the first and only farm in Thailand to breed purebred certified Berkshire (Korubuta) pigs.

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Sirin Farm Free Range Chickens

Sirin Farm’s naturally raised corn fed chickens are the best tasting, most healthy, and humanely raised chickens you can find. The chickens are only fed our special formula of homegrown fermented feed consisting mainly of corn, which gives our chickens a wonderfully succulent texture and that unique bright yellow tinge on its skin.

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About us

       Sirin Farm is dedicated to the principal of sustainable farming. Our primary goal is to raise heritage livestock to the highest ethical and environmental standards while producing healthy meats that tastes great for our customers to enjoy.

       At Sirin Farm we mainly follow the Korean Method of natural farming, which means our livestock are fed Sirin Farm’s special formula of home grown fermented feed, and through the “magic” of EM ( Efficient Microorganisms) all our animal waste converts to the best organic fertilizer nature can produce. Therefore, at Sirin Farm we don’t use antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical fertilizers whatsoever, and we are very proud of this legacy.

        We currently raise Pekin ducks, Bresse Chickens, full blood Lowline Angus, but our main focus is producing corn fed chickens and naturally raised, purebred and certified Berkshire pigs. We work with butchers, restaurants, hotels and even sell direct so please contact us for good tasting, humanely raised, healthy meat for your family and friends.